Presentation Templates

Jr Classroom Gr4-6

The slide deck above can be used as the launching point for all of the other slides and resources. It is recommended that the educator and mentor deliver the slides numbered 1-8 (ie #1:Goals?, #2:Social Enterprise?, #3:Social Issue?, etc.) over the course of the semester.  Note - these slides are only recommended - please feel free to use them or not!!

In addition, useful worksheets, videos and lesson plans, books, and references can all be found by clicking on of the images in the classroom.  

If you wish to open one of the slide decks without linking to the main slide deck... they are all available below.

Try it out and enjoy the adventure!

Goals, Social Enterprise, Entrepreneur & Social Issues
S2: Examples
S3: The Social Problem
S4: Selecting the Charity(s)
S5: Name logo tagline mission
S9.2: Going On-Line with Shopify
S7: Creating Product or Service
S8: Organizing for Success
S6: Tool & Applications
S8.1: Financials
S9.1: Seed Money Elevator Pitch