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*** Every educator that signs up will receive premium access to Belouga. ***

Belouga is a social learning platform making education impactful, accessible and equitable for the youth of the world by providing a global perspective through deeper learning experiences that are all aligned to core subject areas, interests, and the UN SDGs. As a partner of SEP, both students and teachers within the program have direct access to an on-demand library of interactive content, a global network of experts tackling some of the worlds biggest challenges, and a framework on developing social entrepreneurship initiatives.

Read Aloud Suggestions

Entrepreneurial Adventure Program Resource for Teachers and Business Mentors

Tips and Suggestions:

  • Sign up for the Social Entrepreneurs program with another class in your community

  • A business mentor will be assigned to your class! Ensure that your mentor is part of the learning from the beginning of the program.

  • Collaborate with your SEP teaching partner and create your SEP learning partnership between your classes.

  • Give yourselves plenty of time to plan and to create a consistent schedule for your students to “meet” on a weekly basis (e.g., selecting a time throughout the day to do a Google Meet or collaborate through a Padlet, Google Slides, etc.)

  • Provide your students with lots of opportunities to build relationships with one another!

  • Encourage the older students to take a leadership role by choosing a “SEP Buddy” that they can support throughout the venture.

  • Contact the charity and invite them to “connect” with your school / participate in a Google Meet.

  • Provide opportunities for self-assessment/reflection before, during and after the learning journey!

  • Consider using Screencastify, Book Creator or Google Suite / Google Keep / Google Slides features to document learning collaboratively with all educators.

Tech Tips

There are so many opportunities to leverage digital in the SEP! The OCSB How To channel provides many tutorials and links to support.