Basic Laser Cutting with Inkspace

Basic Laser Cutting & Etching with Inkscape

Inkscape (a powerful and free 2D drawing tool used for creating laser files both cut and etch files).  Inkscape  can run on chromebooks  using an application called RollApp.  The program has purchased a limited number of  RollApp licenses.  Contact the SEP program administrators if you want your students to have access to these licenses.

We have created several original ornament design files (no license issues) that are compatible with the laser cutter/etcher at Algonquin's MakerSpace.  The laser can cut a 20 inch x 12 inch panel of 1/8" plywood.  The laser will perform an etch (removes a small amount of surface material like wood burning) and then a cut (cuts completely through the 1/8" plywood).  

The files below can be used by the laser to perform these two steps.

Option 1: Schools can simply select the design files they want, have them cut/etched and shipped to the school. Students can then customize by painting these ornaments and prepare them for sale.

Option 2: Schools can modify these files adding their own text or images. This is more involved and will require training with Inkscape to ensure the final files are properly prepared.

OCSB SEP Inkscape Design Files for Ornaments:

Basic Costs for Planning Purposes

The laser bed is able to cut a sheet of 20” x 12” in plywood 1/8” , acrylic or wood etc.

The images above have about 16 ornaments per sheet and the ornaments are about 5 1/2 inches tall.  Smaller or larger ornaments will change the number of ornaments that can be cut and therefore the costs will change depending on the design.  

In addition, the costs below assume 2 hours of the technicians time - and some of this time is assumed to be spent adding the customized text to each ornament from each order from Shopify.  If customized text is not used from each order, then savings of the technicians time could be achieved.

The cost for 25 ornaments from Algonquin College as a sample pack would vary depending on materials:

Solid wood – $40 + $50 = $90 ($3.60 per ornament)

Acrylic –  $25 + $50 = $75 ($3.00 per ornament)

Plywood – $10 + $50 =$60 ($2.40 per ornament)

The above costs are for 2 hours of the technicians time (50.00) + material cost.

The average custom ornament on Etsy sells for 13 dollars so there would be a healthy profit margin!

Custom Etched Ornaments:

For those of you wishing to add custom text that can be etched onto ornaments, here is how I recommend you do within Shopify.

First enable Notes within the shopping cart >>> then Edit the Note label field to add instructions... details below.

Algonquin College MakerSpace - Book a Consultation for your class

Contact the Algonquin College MakerSpace to book a consultation at the following link. Passcode: z4Yz7RI+

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